Long Beach Grand Prix: IndyCar

Motegi Racing Super Drift

Formula Drift Australia: Photo Blog

Leica M6: Shooting A Wedding


I’ve shot many weddings, but I’ve never had the chance to shoot with film. Since my brother in law was getting married, I figured I would bring my Leica M6. My goal was to capture a few unique images that their hired photographers may have missed. This was the result.

Formula Drift Malaysia: Photo Blog

The 2014 Formula Drift Pro Championship season is getting closer, but I find myself looking back at past events more and more. I shoot quite a bit at every event, so it is near impossible to publish everything right away. These are a collection of photos from Formula Drift Malaysia 2013. A few of them have been published on the FD website, but none of them have been published onĀ Speedhunters. Most of them have never been published before. Enjoy.


Formula Drift Thailand: Photo Blog

I had a chance to travel the entire 2013 Formula Drift Asia season for the first time this year, and I had an absolute blast. Here are a collection of images from FD Thailand that tell a story of what we did, both on and off the track. A few of them have been published on the FD website, but none of them have been published on Speedhunters. Most of them have never been published before. Enjoy.


Analog Life: Developing A Bad Habit

Two years ago I decided to take the plunge and get back into shooting film. The camera I started shooting with back when I was 16 was a Nikon FG, and I still use it every now and then. In fact a few shots in the new #JoyOfMachine Speedhunters book has a few shots from that very camera.


Breath Deeply: Formula Drift Pro Championship In Pictures

How is it possible to create new and interesting photographs of the same people in the same series after eight years? It’s simple, because Formula Drift is the most exciting motorsport to watch. Out of all the motorsports events that we covered on Speedhunters, Formula Drift Long Beach came out on top as the highest viewed story. Out of the top 50 event stories, FD Long Beach ranked 10th, only beaten by lifestyle and car culture stories. There is no question that it is the fastest growing motorsport, and at just ten years old, the series is still just a baby. There will be growing pains, but like the rest of the FD grid, we are going to stick with it till the bitter end. I wont stop shooting FD till you pry my camera out of my cold dead hands. Take a moment and enjoy this selection of photos from this past season.


A Year In The Life Of A Speedhunter

I try to avoid photography forums at all costs. There are just too many photographers who claim to be professionals. Of course they are, because they have many expensive lenses and camera bodies listed right in their ‘signature’ to back those claims. These are the same people who ask strangers on forums to critique their work. Why spend all this unnecessary time arguing about what lens is sharper and how to compose a photo? Why don’t they actually go out and shoot some photographs? I can’t stand it.


Photo Shoot On A Pier With Matt Powers And Linhbergh

When I first met Matt Powers, I was like ‘Who is this hairy little kid?’ Fast forward a few years and I was standing on a pier in San Deigo assisting for Linhbergh, for a livery reveal shoot with Mr. Surfer dude and his crew.